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Weekly music classes begin this week for grades K-3 at Washington Elementary! Each class will have a keyboard kit available for teacher and student use, and songs from the curriculum will be posted on the Washington Elementary Music Program YouTube channel starting in September. It is not necessary to have a keyboard at home in order to practice.

Students will participate in class musical presentations during the school year, and family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please save the following dates:

December 12-13 – Music Program Fall Presentations (K-3) during school hours
May 19 – Special PTA Music Presentation (3rd grade classes only) – evening
May 21-22 – Music Program Spring Presentations (K-3) during school hours

Individual class schedules TBD.

The music program is a collaboration between the PTA and Contra Costa College’s Music Program, who provides interns (supervised by each classroom teacher). The program follows the “Music and the Brain” curriculum developed by Lisha Lercari.

Fliers went home last week on the music program. For more information or if you have any questions, you may leave a written note for the Music Program at the front desk or send an email to