Cash Handling Instructions and Forms

Process for Collection of PTA Funds

To start the process:

1. Prior to counting money, have available a Cash Verification form ready as this will serve as official documentation. CLICK HERE to download the form.

2. Every money collection must be counted and verified by two PTA members. These two people members cannot reside in the same household!

3. Once money counting has been completed, each PTA member who has participated in the counting must sign and date the form.

4. Submit immediately all collected funds to a PTA Board member.

Important Details:

  • Do not submit PTA Funds to a PTA board member without having completed the steps above! The PTA Treasurer should not collect any undocumented PTA funds.
  • Cash denominations for cash collection must be detailed.
  • Checks collected must be detailed by check number/amount.
  • If depositing collected monies on behalf of the PTA, the following documentation MUST retained from the deposit transaction:
    • Scanned images of each check deposited (acceptable images include: ATM receipt with images, photocopies of checks, scanned images of checks including those done by mobile phone apps such as “Genius Scann”)
    • Receipt of the deposit record (ATM receipt or bank teller receipt)
  • Please submit all Cash Verification forms & retained bank documentation to the PTA Treasurer. EMAIL:

Process for PTA Reimbursement and/or Cash Advance

To start the process:

1. Fill out the appropriate request form either a “Payment Authorization” or “Fillable Payment Authorization” or a “Request for Advance” form.

2. Must Include ALL documentation in the form of invoices, receipts, contracts, pricing quotes, anticipated cost detail, etc. NO REIMBURSEMENT WILL BE APPROVED without all completed forms and documentation!!

3. Submit completed request to PTA Treasurer. Preferred submission is email. Hardcopy submissions are at high risk for loss and time delays. Please remember most PTA officers are offsite from the school and are not often available during school hours. EMAIL:

Payment processing

  • Once request is received, it will be presented at either the next PTA monthly meeting, or the next monthly PTA Board meeting for approval. NO PTA CHECK will be issued without prior approval.
    • Requests under $500 can be presented for approval in advance of the PTA monthly meeting or the monthly PTA Board meeting.
    • Requests over $500 must be approved by the entire PTA association, and will only be presented at the PTA monthly meeting
  • Checks will only be issued 1-2 per month. This timing will align to the monthly PTA and PTA Board meeting schedule. Each PTA check does require 2 PTA board signatures to be a valid cashable check.

Good to know:

  • Plan ahead on PTA reimbursable expenses. Assume your reimbursement could take up to a month to be approved to have subsequent checks written.
  • When in doubt, please ask questions to the PTA Treasurer. Email is the preferred method of communication. EMAIL:

This process and procedure is the prescribed by the California State PTA, and is designed to keep our unit functioning in accordance to all State and Federal Laws as a Charitable Non-Profit organization. Further details are available at